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Lean Brew

Lean Brew IPA

Lean Brew IPA

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Low Carb IPA

Unfiltered - Unpasteurised - Unfined

The purest and cleanest Beer you will ever drink.

Lean Brew is the epitome of the lifestyle beer sector, with a full strength ABV, incredible taste profile and with over 35% fewer calories than other IPA's.

DOUBLE GOLD AWARD WINNING BEER Winning Gold Award at the EU Craft Beer Awards 2021 & 2023 against standard craft. Our low carb IPA tastes better than most ordinary beers but has over 35% fewer calories, 80% less carbohydrates and still 90% of the alcohol.

Nutritional Information

4.1% ABV

99 Calories

4g Carbs

Sugar Free

Gluten Free


Lean Brew IPA Tasting Notes

A healthy amount of hoppy bitterness in a classically British brewed IPA. Exceptionally smooth with reduced carbonation, you get hit with buckets of flavour including tropical & citrus fruits, with a lingering bitterness with malt undertones. You won't know this is over 35% lower in Calories than a standard IPA.

How It Compares

Lean Brew IPA  Brewdog Punk IPA
99 Calories 161 Calories

4.0g Carbs

15g Carbs
4.1% ABV
5.6% ABV


Double Gold Award Winning 2021 & 2023

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